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The struct is defined in the header file instance.h like this:

typedef struct instance{
    char *a;
    char *b;
    int c
} Instance;

I have a function: Instance *get_instance(FILE *fd) in the file instance.c that reads data from stdin and parses it into the members a, b and c in a struct Instance.

I use:

while (fgets(buffer, sizeof(buffer)-1, fd) != NULL && (nlines != 4)) 

to read 4 lines from stdin and parse it into char arrays and an int.

The input from stdin has the format:

instance1 info
instance1 info
instance1 info
instance1 info
instance2 info
instance2 info
instance2 info
instance2 info
... and so on

This is why I read in 4 lines only to be parsed.

I call this function in main.c:

Instance *ip;
while ((ip = get_instance(stdin)) != NULL) {
// print info in ip

I want it to print instance1 info and then instance2 info, then instance3 info and so on...

But, when get_instance is invoked again in the while, it prints out the instance1 info repeatedly.

Is there a way for the get_instance function to "remember" the place it last read up to -- namely the 4th line -- and read this time from line 5?

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It's difficult to understand you. Can you try to explain it in a more clear way?. And post teh contents of get_instance. – Pablo Oct 17 '12 at 21:59
Please post get_instance's definition so that we may further analyze the problem! – Miguel Coimbra Oct 17 '12 at 22:19

Try this: get/save all input from stdin first before you loop get_instance().

My guess (without actual get_instance() implementation) the problem is calling the fgets() loop within the get_instance() loop. And get_instance() can't handle that.

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