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I just upgraded my xcode to version 4.5.1.
Everything worked fine before but now, when I Archive the project, xcode get stuck/hanging and never finishes the archiving.
In the status on top, the text says:

Compiling 10 of 10 source files...

Nothing happens after that. It is just stuck.
I can still compile and build the code (without archiving) and everything runs just fine in the simulator.

I have reinstalled xcode. The issue still happens after that.
Any suggestion will be appriciated.

More info:
I've pinpointed the problem to a specific line of code:
CGRect tmpFrame3 = seeDetailsButton.frame;
I don't see any problem with this line...
Why would it work fine when building and running in the simulator but fail when archiving???

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Sometimes reinstalling is the fastest way to "solve"... :) – Saphrosit Oct 17 '12 at 22:08
Well, I'm asking the question here so I won't have to re-install... – Code Monkey Oct 17 '12 at 22:09
What about the Log pane; that will tell you what Xcode is doing when it gets stuck... – trojanfoe Oct 18 '12 at 11:31
Do you get the spinning color wheel? – rocky Oct 19 '12 at 23:55
when the bug happens - the log pane is stuck and does not say anything about it. I do not get the spinning color wheel. it is just stuck. I've found out what the issue is and posted my answer. Thanks. – Code Monkey Oct 20 '12 at 12:27
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I figured out what is going on here.
First, it is not related to the archive process itself but to the build in Release mode.
The reason that I had the problem during archive is because then it builds in release mode.

About the issue itself:
It seems that there is some sort of an Apple compiler bug in xcode 4.5.1.
I'm using the Apple LLVM compiler 4.1. During compilation it has different optimization levels.
In Debug - the optimization is set to 'None' and is off. In release it is set to 'Fastest, Smallest [-Os]'. When I turn off the optimization in release mode (set it to 'None') - the issue does not happen.

More info:
After digging in my code, and trying to figure out what would cause a compiler bug during optimization, I saw that I had the following:

__weak ProfileButton *tmp = myButton;

Where ProfileButton is just a regular button inherits from UIButton.
When I remove the __weak everything works just fine. Even when I set the compiler optimization to 'Fastest, Smallest [-Os]'.

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Code Monkey, curious how you determined this was the issue. I am having the same issue, and I am attempting to determine how to find the source of the issue in my code base. Thanks – Mike Mar 15 '14 at 10:04
Sadly that doesn't work for me, Xcode 5.1, LLVM 5.1 Code Generator – NicTesla Mar 15 '14 at 19:14

Recently faced this same issue, with Xcode hanging on the final file during compile. In the same fashion as the problem above, setting the optimization level for release to None ([-O0] to match the debug mode) would allow archive to run successfully.

However, for our code the specific bug was tied to a block that was capturing self. Per Apple's guidelines:

"If you need to capture self in a block, such as when defining a callback block, it’s important to consider the memory management implications.

Blocks maintain strong references to any captured objects, including self, which means that it’s easy to end up with a strong reference cycle..."

So be sure to check your code for this, if applicable, and follow Apple's best practice to capture a weak reference to self (example in documentation).

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In my case I created a circlic subclass

It was like

@interface BaseTableViewController : PaymentTableViewController 


@interface PaymentTabelViewController : BaseTableViewController

What i did was to reneme the last subclass, so it now looks like this:

@interface TopTableViewController : PaymentTableViewController 


@interface PaymentTableViewController : BaseTableViewController 
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