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I'm writing prepared statements that are supposed to insert data into a table, on a database that's been pre-selected in the variable $GLOBALS['mysqli']. The connection has been tested, and that's not the problem I'm having. I'm only running into trouble whenever my prepared statement involves INSERT INTO. I know the tablename, and field names are correct, but $stmt is ALWAYS false. What gives?

$stmt = $GLOBALS['mysqli']->prepare("INSERT INTO audit_RefreshCount (user, count, lastrefresh) values (?,?,?)");
if ($stmt == TRUE) {
$stmt->bindParam('ssi', $_SESSION['username'], '0', time());
//$stmt->bind_Param('ssi', $_SESSION['username'], '0', time());     // Also doesn't work.
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For future reference, if you have a boolean in an if statement the ==TRUE is redundant. if($stmt) would have been fine. – twodayslate Oct 17 '12 at 23:14
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Your if condition is wrong, because prepare method returns either a mysqli_stmt class instance or FALSE. So, you should test like:

if ($stmt !== FALSE) {
    $stmt->bind_param('ssi', $_SESSION['username'], '0', time());
} else {
    // Could not prepare statement
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Thanks, that got me though into the block. – Cosine Oct 18 '12 at 0:54

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