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I have the problem that I want to have a static library of my code because I use the code a lot. It's c++ (otherwise a shared would be an other choice). But that code depends on other static libs. Due to that I came to the point that I can't link a static library to an other. I found How to merge two "ar" static libraries into one. Due to that I tried a test, but it's not working and I want to know why and how to do it right.

I have two static libs each with a header(not linked but for implementation) and its source having a simple function return something. Lib1 has a function, lib2 has a function depending on lib1, and my executable 3.exe gets a linking error if I link lib1 and lib2. The function of lib1 is unreferenced. With the content of the link I wrote myself a batch-script which extracts all objects of a lib and quick adds it to the output lib:


SET ar="C:\Programme\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin\ar.exe"

FOR %%i IN (%1) DO SET SPath=%%~di%%~pi

cd \
cd D:
cd %SPath%

SET output="%SPath%output.a"
del %output%

IF (%1) == () GOTO end

del "%SPath%*.o"
ar x %1
ar q %output% *.o

GOTO top


del *.o

ar t %output%

script.bat libtest1.a libtest2.a

Its output looks reliable:

D:\CodeBlocks Workspace\lib test\*.o konnte nicht gefunden werden
ar: creating D:\CodeBlocks Workspace\lib test\output.a

Instead to lib1 and lib2 I linked to output but still the function of lib1 is unreferenced.

So what to do ? I don't want to include the whole code all the time.

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You can just make a combined archive:

ar rcs biglib.a lib1.a lib2.a lib3.a somemore.o

As noted in the comments, this will not resolve dependencies recursively. It only amalgamates all the object code into one file.

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Now output.a contains (due to "ar t") lib1.a and lib2.a. But linking with the 3.exe gives me the hint, that I have to run ranlib.exe. But after running runlib.exe output.a doesn't do anything -> same linking error. – JoshuaBehrens Oct 17 '12 at 23:56
This solution is simply wrong: it creates biglib.a that contains lib1.a and others; the problem is: linker will not recursively search biglib.a. The linker looks for object files in biglib.a, finds none, and ignores biglib.a. – Employed Russian Jan 31 '13 at 16:54
@EmployedRussian: That's true. To my knowledge you cannot "link" everything statically. It's possible that some of the dependencies don't even exist statically, for instance... anyway, I've added a note, thanks. – Kerrek SB Jan 31 '13 at 19:04

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