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I am developing a Chrome extension to manipulate a web page that I do not have control over, so I can't edit the existing css classes and html code. Based on the following example, I am trying to insert text in between two words within a paragraph:

<p class="abc">
<b>Title:</b>The Second Title
<b>Author:</b>Mary White
<p class="abc">
<b>Title:</b>The First Title
<b>Author:</b>John Smith

I have a list of names like:

Mary White -> Mary B. White

John Smith -> John L. Smith

I need to replace the first and last name with the full name ie: John Smith -> John L. Smith

I tried the following:

$(".abc:contains('Mary White')").text(function () {
  return $(this).text().replace("Mary White", "Mary B. White");

but that removes the <b> and <br> html tags.

I also tried this:

$(".htp:contains('John Smith')").replaceWith("John L. Smith");

but that replaces the entire p and replaces it with the full name. How can I get it to display the paragraph with the name containing the middle initial?

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It's not directly what you are looking at, but this is close stackoverflow.com/questions/2349138/… –  Brian Hoover Oct 17 '12 at 23:21

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Because text() removes the tags and just gives you the text.

Use .html(), but your code will fail if there is any html markup in the name.

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This is might be what you want:

$(function() {
    $(".abc").each(function(idx, elm) {
        elm.innerHTML = elm.innerHTML.replace("Mary White", "Mary B. White");

jsfiddle link

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Yes, this also works great, thanks. –  abalone Oct 18 '12 at 3:36

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