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I need to trace/sniff http traffic from other machines (for example from my android phone or ios device). In the past I used MSSOAPT (described here and it was perfect, I need something similar, and now it should have syntax highlighting for json and be able to unzip content :).

I would like to tell my android to go to http://my.machine.home/Foo?bar and this proxy should forward this to other server such as and it should print complete trafic.

I would prefer if the solution would not require proxy configuration on my device, but just would forward all requests sent to the process.

and it does not have to be free

thanks almir

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Look at charle proxy it is very easy to use and has all your requirements fulfilled.

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perfect, exactly what I needed - thanks – zebra Oct 18 '12 at 8:40

If you are on Windows, Fiddler as a great free tool.

On other platforms, you could use the free and open-source WebScarab. The UI is not as easy to use as Fiddler, and although it runs on Windows, I rather prefer Fiddler there.

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