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New to MIPS and can understand exactly what is going on with the code, but I do not understand the answer/solution provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Please read the following code and write down the content in array A after funct returns.

    A:  .word 21,3,2,9,100,22,6,15,33,90
        .globl main
        la $a0, A
        li $a1, 17
        li $a2, 10
        jal funct
        li $v0, 10      # exit
        li $t0, 0
        li $v1, 1000000
        sll $t1, $t0, 2
        add $t1, $t1, $a0
        lw $t1, 0($t1)  
        sub $t2, $t1, $a1
        bgt $t2, $0, funct_L1
        sub $t2, $0, $t2
        bgt $t2, $v1, funct_L2
        ori $v0, $t0, 0
        ori $v1, $t2, 0
        addi $t0, $t0, 1
        blt $t0, $a2, funct_L0
        jr $ra

SOLUTION: Finds the smallest difference

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In order to get text formatted as code, indent it 4 spaces and make sure it's preceded and followed by blank lines. For future reference. :) – cHao Oct 17 '12 at 23:28

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It finds the element from the array which is nearest to the number passed in in $a1. In other words, it finds the element x for which the difference abs(x - $a1) is smallest. It returns the index in $v0 and the difference in $v1.

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