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Does anyone know why, in this example, the click event is not being fired only in IE8? Basically, the css style after a click (.zui-act) should change the background-color of the label.


<div style="width:300px;">
   <input type="radio" name="a" id="a" value="alpha" />
   <label for="a">Alpha</label>
   <input type="radio" name="a" id="b" value="bravo" />
   <label for="b">Bravo</label>
   <input type="radio" name="a" id="c" value="charly" />
   <label for="c">Charly</label>

$.radio = function(e) {
    var a = $('input:radio').filter(function(index) { return $(this).attr('name')==e });
        var f = $(this).attr('id');
        $('label').removeClass('zui-act').filter(function(index) {
            return $(this).attr('for')==f

$(document).ready(function(e) {
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My only guess is that IE8 won't trigger events on hidden elements. Makes sense I suppose. You could adopt the approach taken by jQuery UI buttonset and move the radio buttons off the screen. Like so:

.zui-radio {

then add this to your $.radio method in place of a.hide():

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Change the click event to change and it should work. You are most likely running in compatibility mode which has a bug in it.

And why use filter when you can make the selector handle the name?

var myName = "a";
var myRadios = $('input[name="' + myName +'"]');
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Doesn't work. In compat mode or in standards mode. –  Ryan Lynch Oct 17 '12 at 23:39
thanks, using name works better but as Ryan mentions, change doesn't work and I'm not in compatibility mode –  greener Oct 17 '12 at 23:40
LOL, I ran it in IE9 and not IE8 when I tested. I thought I changed the mode. :) –  epascarello Oct 17 '12 at 23:42

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