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i am using HTTPClient on my client app to send a GET request to my Jersey RESTful web service. what is the best way to track how many bytes have been received on the server side? should i make a web service call within my while loop below to notify the server after a certain certain number of bytes have been received up until it's finished?

        InputStream inputStream = resp.getEntity().getContent();

        byte data[] = new byte[8096];
        int count;
        int total = 0;

        while ((count =, 0, 8096)) != -1) {
                       //best way to notify server of received bytes?
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Yes, that would be the way. But you should do it asynchronously (i.e. by notifying the server on a separate thread) so that you don't slow down the file reading by waiting for server's response to the progress notification.

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