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I have a Windows service which starts another application using CreateProcess. Thus, the application runs with SYSTEM privileges. This application calls LsaEnumerateLogonSessions, which returns the error code 8 (Not enough storage is available to process this command.). The service and the application are run under Windows 7 x64.

ULONG luLogonSessionCount = 0;
LUID *pLogonSessionList = NULL;
NTSTATUS lNtStatus = LsaEnumerateLogonSessions(
        &luLogonSessionCount, &pLogonSessionList );

LsaNtStatusToWinError( lNtStatus ) returns 8. Does anyone know the cause of this?

Thanks in advance!

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Does the code work fine when you run it without SYSTEM privileges? – Roger Lipscombe Jan 10 '10 at 21:11
What's the actual NTSTATUS value? Converting to Win32 error codes isn't usually a great idea. – wj32 Jan 10 '10 at 21:14

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Most services nowadays run under a service account, for security reasons. Check that your service has adequate permissions. What is the actual NTSTATUS result?

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