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I understand that XLConnect can be used to read an Excel worksheet into R. For example, this would read the first worksheet in a workbook called test.xls into R.

readWorksheetFromFile('test.xls', sheet=1)

I have an Excel Workbook with multiple worksheets.

How can all worksheets in a workbook be imported into a list in R where each element of the list is a data.frame for a given sheet, and where the name of each element corresponds to the name of the worksheet in Excel?

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Note that most of XLConnect's functions are already vectorized. This means that you can read in all worksheets with one function call without having to do explicit vectorization:

wb <- loadWorkbook(system.file("demoFiles/mtcars.xlsx", package = "XLConnect"))
lst = readWorksheet(wb, sheet = getSheets(wb))

With XLConnect 0.2-0 lst will already be a named list.

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For me, this works require(XLConnect) wb <- loadWorkbook("excel.xlsx") lst = readWorksheet(wb, sheet = getSheets(wb)) – Kim Stacks Apr 9 '14 at 14:17
Me too. The solution answer did not work for me, could not locate the file even though it exists – Tony Apr 6 '15 at 19:03
The call with system.file() did Not work for me too. – Nikos Alexandris Feb 17 at 18:11

Updated answer using readxl (22nd June 2015)

Since posting this question the readxl package has been released. It supports both xls and xlsx format. Importantly, in contrast to other excel import packages, it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux without requiring installation of additional software.

So a function for importing all sheets in an Excel workbook would be:

read_excel_allsheets <- function(filename) {
    sheets <- readxl::excel_sheets(filename)
    x <-    lapply(sheets, function(X) readxl::read_excel(filename, sheet = X))
    names(x) <- sheets

This could be called with:

mysheets <- read_excel_allsheets("foo.xls")

Old Answer

Building on the answer provided by @mnel, here is a simple function that takes an Excel file as an argument and returns each sheet as a data.frame in a named list.


importWorksheets <- function(filename) {
    # filename: name of Excel file
    workbook <- loadWorkbook(filename)
    sheet_names <- getSheets(workbook)
    names(sheet_names) <- sheet_names
    sheet_list <- lapply(sheet_names, function(.sheet){
        readWorksheet(object=workbook, .sheet)})

Thus, it could be called with:

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excellent, just learning that readxl has an excel_sheets method. wonderful. – MichaelChirico Jan 6 at 2:57

You can load the work book and then use lapply, getSheets and readWorksheet and do something like this.

wb.mtcars <- loadWorkbook(system.file("demoFiles/mtcars.xlsx", 
                          package = "XLConnect"))
sheet_names <- getSheets(wb.mtcars)
names(sheet_names) <- sheet_names

sheet_list <- lapply(sheet_names, function(.sheet){
    readWorksheet(object=wb.mtcars, .sheet)})
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I actually found it easier to use compared to XLConnect (not that either package is that difficult to use). Learning curve for both was about 5 minutes.

As an aside, you can easily find all R packages that mention the word "Excel" by browsing to

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