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I've been trying for a few hours to find the way to display the contact form input fields horizontally as in the module before the contact form here: http://zohar.mapasystem.co.il/

The idea is to replace the Property Search with my Contact Form 7 shortcode.

Using a is not an option, since the theme changes automatically the layout for mobile browsers.

<label><span> שם מלא (חובה)</span><br>[text* text-3 30/ class:gg] </label>
<label><span> טלפון (חובה)</span><br>[text* text-648 30/ class:gg] </label>
<label><span> אימייל (חובה)</span><br>[email* email-827 30/ class:gg] </label>
<label><span> תקציב להשקעה</span><br>[text text-214 30/ class:gg] </label>
<label class="lastsub"> [submit class:gg "שלח"] </label>

I tried with width, float, display:inline, etc, etc, but I think my problem is with HTML5.

Thanks for your help.

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Try this:

<div class="separate">
<label><span> שם מלא (חובה)</span></label><br>[text* text-3 30/ class:gg]

<div class="separate">
<label><span> טלפון (חובה)</span></label><br>[text* text-648 30/ class:gg]

In CSS file:

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Hey there! Welcome to SOF! Remember when using syntax remember to use the syntax highlighting markup. –  Jordan Richards Oct 24 '12 at 17:04
The OP claims to have tried float already. –  Kazark Oct 24 '12 at 17:04

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