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I am generating some XML using a builder, and would like to compare the results to some file contents. However, since the strings are so long, the output is hard to read when the strings differ.

I know there are a number of libraries for diffing strings in ruby, but is there a built in facility in rspec for generating multiline string comparison failures that are easier to read?

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Updating the question: I just found the --diff option in the spec command line, but it doesn't appear to work - output is the same when I expect two strings to be eql and they aren't whether I use --diff or not. What am I missing? –  Chris Garrett Aug 18 '09 at 16:42

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Okay, got it. You need to use the --diff option with the following:

actual_multiline_string.should == expected_multiline_string


actual_multiline_string.should eql(expected_multiline_string)
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