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adjusting eclipse console size

I am trying to debug an app that I have set up to run locally and it is writing all of its System.out.println() statements to the Java Console in Eclipse.

The problem is, it's spitting out 10s of thousands of lines, and by the time the app finishes processing and shuts down, I can only see the last ~25% of sysout statements.

Am I doomed? Or is there a setting in Eclipse that lets me un-restrict the number of lines the Console keeps in memory or keeps viewable.

And, if this isn't possible, is there a way to redirect output to a file or something that can hold 40,000+ lines of output?

Thanks in advance!

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Go to Window > Preferences > Run/Debug > Console there's a checkbox "Limit console output" and a textfield for entering the buffer size of the console.

Just try this out. It works for me but my code is outputting not more than 1000 lines .

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