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While developing Windows Store apps and WP8 apps, is it possible to test the "touch" gestures while using a laptop that doesn't support touch? Are there parallel mouse or keyboard actions/combinations that will do the same thing as a "pinch" or a "flick" gesture (to imitate semantic zoom and unzoom) for example?

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I'd recommend some testing framework for touch/tap action simulation. Selenium has some, but these actions are not yet available for C#... :( –  dcsordas Oct 18 '12 at 2:14
You can test some touch gestures in the simulator. –  mydogisbox Oct 18 '12 at 2:25

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When you use the simulator, there are buttons at the right that let you simulate multi-touch. It's not convenient, but it mostly works.


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I haven't been able to use the WP8 SDK yet but if the SDK is like WP7 (from what I hear from others it is) use the simulator that comes with the SDK and use Multitouch Vista to emulate the touches with this Guide to using Multitouch Vista. You will just need any other USB mouse (note though using the built-in trackpad as another mouse has been hit and miss in my experience with Multitouch Vista)

For Windows Store Apps the easiest way to simlute gestures only us by using the provided simulator. You can still use Multitouch Vista but the dots to track the points won't show in the Metro Environment.

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