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I have to build an e-commerce website for a shopping system and a Content Management System website for a college.

I have to chose either Django or web to py with Python 3.x and for the backend I am using Oracle 11g. I can't understand which one to use, which could be an easier solution to go with for an e-commerce website and a simple CMS.

Also, where can I find good tutorials for web to py & Django??

Thank You.

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I can only speak for Django as I haven't used web.py, however Django only supports python 2.x at this stage so you would need to determine whether or not that violates the requirements of your project.

(There is experimental support for 3.x, but it's not made it into a stable release yet: https://www.djangoproject.com/weblog/2012/aug/19/experimental-python-3-support/)

That being said, Django is a fantastic framework to work with, and I would give it my whole hearted recommendation if you can put aside the python 3.x compatibility issue. The Django ORM also has support for the version of Oracle that you're using which is a bonus.

The official django tutorial is a great place to start - please see:


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