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we try to upload image from iphone app to php script. on wifi connection, things work smoothly. but in 3G connection, it fails about 50% of time. (our 3G is very stable) we have seen a few comments in other threads, but can't seem to get it work. anyone can provide some advice?

[asirequest setData:imageData withFileName:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@.png",[name objectAtIndex:0]] andContentType:@"image/png" forKey:@"filedata"];

we tried to limit 3G bandwidth:

[ASIHTTPRequest setShouldThrottleBandwidthForWWAN:YES];

but the upload becomes very slow. and still it fails about 50% of time. in wifi, the upload takes less than 10 second, and always work.

thx in a million.

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