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I have a DQL query containing a SELECT expression that's only used for ordering:

SELECT u, (u.orderTotal / u.orderCount) AS orderAverage
FROM User u
ORDER BY orderAverage

I have to use this trick because so far, Doctrine does not support ordering by an expression.

That works fine, expect that for a reason outside the scope of this question, I'd like to have only u returned by getResult():

[0] => object(User)
[1] => object(User)

and not a nested array containing u and orderAverage:

[0] =>
       [0] => object(User)
       ['orderAverage'] => float
[1] =>
       [0] => object(User)
       ['orderAverage'] => float

I thought I'd read somewhere that there was a DQL keyword for not returning an expression in the result, but I've failed to find it in the documentation. It'd be something like:

SELECT u, IGNORE (u.orderTotal / u.orderCount) AS orderAverage
FROM ...

Does that exist, or did I dream?

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Ok, I finally managed to find it in the EBNF documentation.

The correct keyword is HIDDEN, and goes after AS:

SELECT u, (u.orderTotal / u.orderCount) AS HIDDEN orderAverage
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