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I have a string that has some double quoted substring in it, the " character. In between the double quotes is the data i want.

How can i write a regex to extract "the first data i want" and "the second data i want" from this:

'some string with "the first data i want" and "the second data i want"'

I tried the following code.

<cfset mydata = 'some string with "the first data i want" and "the second data i want"'/>

<cfset arrData = ListToArray(mydata ,'"') />
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Presumably you could do something trivial like this:

<cfset matches = REMatch('"([^"]*)"', mydata) />
<cfdump var="#matches#" label="Example REMatch" />

Unfortunately this will also include the double quotes in the Match, and ColdFusion's Regular Expression engine is quite old and shoddy, so it doesn't have support for Lookaheads/Lookbehinds.

The double quotes can be easily replaced, but if you really want to use lookaheads and look-behinds you can resort to using Java's own pattern library.

<cfset matches = [] />
<cfset pattern = CreateObject("java","java.util.regex.Pattern").Compile('(?<=")[^"]*(?=")') />
<cfset matcher = pattern.Matcher(mydata) />
<cfloop condition="matcher.Find()">
    <cfset ArrayAppend(matches, matcher.Group()) />

<cfdump var="#matches#" label="Example of Java Regex" />
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IIRC, ColdFusion's RegEx engine can do 'look-behind' but not 'look-ahead'. Or maybe the other way around....it can do one of them. –  Scott Stroz Oct 18 '12 at 16:44
CF's regex engine is Apache ORO which can do lookahead but not lookbehind. –  Peter Boughton Oct 18 '12 at 17:12
However, you probably don't actually want lookahead/lookbehind in this situation - because they are zero width constructs they don't consume the quotes and thus your second example code will also include ` and ` in the matches array (so it's not much better than ListToArray). –  Peter Boughton Oct 18 '12 at 17:13
Just use "[^"]+" to match, then mid or ListFirst(matches[i],'"') on each one to remove the quotes. –  Peter Boughton Oct 18 '12 at 17:13

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