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I have a form in a side bar, and when the form submits, I need to refresh only that particular partial from the side bar, not the entire page. The partial has a div id = "class-id" on it.


- if class
 // display some stuff
- else
  = form_for [Class.new], remote: true do |f| 
      = f.label :description
      = f.text_field :description      
      = f.submit

I need to reload this partial after the submit is finished, so that the first if will be accessed.


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Create a view file as your action name, for example. - suppose your action name is create in user controller then in your view/users folder create a file create.js.erb and write below code in that file.

For jquery

$('class or id name').html("<%= escape_javascript render(:partial => 'whatever your your partial') %>")

For prototype

page.replace_html "class or id name", :partial => "whatever your partial to update"
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This was awesome :D . Thanks :) –  vladCovaliov Oct 18 '12 at 5:34

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