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Sorry if the question is very basis. I am unable to find somehow to see one simple example code for template implementation as Boost.signals like:

 boost::signal<void ()> sig;

What i know is the below:

 template <class T>
  TemplateClass {
      T t;

   TemplateClass<int> a;

Kindly provide few pointers on it?

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Not sure what the question is, but the thing with boost signals, is that you create a publisher/subscriber system so that you can dispatch events to interested parties.

The declaration -boost::signal sig;- is a simple template like the one you list below it but the type is a function signature (Not to be confused with a function pointer). Subscribers can then provide callbacks with that signature.

Here is a simple hello world example:


Hope that helps

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Do you want how to create boost::signals2::signal like template parameter? Implementation sample is here:

#include <tuple>

template <class Signature>
class TemplateClass; // declaration only

template <class R, class... Args>
class TemplateClass<R(Args...)> { // partial specialization as function like signature
    typedef R result_type;
    typedef std::tuple<Args...> arg_types;

    R operator()(const Args&... args)
        return invoke_function(args...);

int main()
    TemplateClass<void(int, double)> x;
    x(1, 3.14);
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