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i meet a problem. the org.Json lib's JSONObject do not have a equals method. but it have a toString method. I want to "abc".equals(JsonObject.toStirng()). here is the problem.

toStirng() string is not sorted. for exmple {"aa":"11","bb":"22"}, maybe, toStirng is this :

{"bb":"22","aa":"11"}, the String not equals, but json object actually equals. I decomplie the


private Map map; 

public JSONObject()
      map = new HashMap();

i do not have the source code, i want to use asm.lib to modify the class.

so, i want to change one places , one is :

 public JSONObject()
       map = new HashMap(); -->map = new LinkedHashMap();

so, the string generated from toString() will be sorted, that is what i wanted.

I do know how to add a field, but i do not know how to Modify and delete a filed or a


Brothers or Sisters is your time, thanks :-)

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The json.org Java source is available there: https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-java. It is opensource but no license is specified.

You can then modify the source code.

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i just want to use asm to modify the class, baby, this is another question. :-) –  吴建军 Oct 18 '12 at 6:22

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