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Thanks for previous replies,

I am new to Facebook sharing. I am trying to share my image,description and title from my app to Facebook. I am using facebookConnector.postMessageOnWall, but I want to share my content with description. Can anyone help me? How do I share all that content in one single post?

Thanks in advance.

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At l`private final void postFacebook(){

    String imageurl = "";
    String caption="your caption", description="Your description", name ="your name",  linkurl=" your link";
      Bundle b = new Bundle();
      b.putString("picture", imageurl);
      b.putString("description",description );
      try {

          facebookConnector.getFacebook().request("/me/feed", b, "POST");
          //strRet = fb.request("/me/feed",b,"POST");
      }catch(Exception e){

          Log.v(TAG,"Error in posting");

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