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is there a way we can make a runtime button under a runtime gameobject?i was able to do a runtime gameobject inherited with all the components/materials from UIToolkit.

heres my code:

    public class loadImage : MonoBehaviour

    public UIToolkit duplicate_kit;
    public Material material;
    public UIButton b1, b2;
    public MeshFilter meshFilter;
    public MeshRenderer meshRenderer;
    public Mesh _mesh;

    void initKit()

        Material duplicateMaterial = new Material (material.shader);
        material = duplicateMaterial;

        GameObject loadImageToolkit = new GameObject("duplicate_toolkit");
        loadImageToolkit.transform.parent = GameObject.Find("UI").transform;
        loadImageToolkit.layer = LayerMask.NameToLayer("UILayer");

        duplicate_kit = loadImageToolkit.AddComponent<UIToolkit>() ;
        duplicate_kit.texturePackerConfigName = "friendsImageSheet";
        duplicate_kit.material = duplicateMaterial;

        meshRenderer = loadImageToolkit.AddComponent<MeshRenderer>();
        meshRenderer.renderer.material = duplicateMaterial;

        meshFilter = loadImageToolkit.AddComponent<MeshFilter>();
        _mesh = meshFilter.mesh;


    void Start()

//       b1 = UIButton.create( duplicate_kit, "FriendsAvatar.png","FriendsAvatar.png",0,0); 
//       b1.pixelsFromTopLeft ( 60, 0 );
//       StartCoroutine(getImage(b1));

         b2 = UIButton.create( duplicate_kit, "FriendsAvatar.png", "FriendsAvatar.png" , 0,0 );
         b2.pixelsFromTopLeft( 120, 0 );

         b1 = UIButton.create( (UIToolkit)GameObject.Find("duplicate_toolkit").GetComponent(typeof(UIToolkit)), "FriendsAvatar.png","FriendsAvatar.png",0,0);   
         b1.pixelsFromTopLeft ( 120, 0 );


    IEnumerator getImage(UIButton uib)
        WWW imageRequest = new WWW("https://graph.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxx/picture?type=small"); 
        yield return imageRequest;
        Texture tex = imageRequest.texture;

        uib.manager.renderer.material.mainTextureScale = new Vector2(18.0f,20.05f);
        uib.manager.renderer.material.mainTexture = tex;


the main goal is the b2 button should appeared under duplicate_toolkit(Game Object)

its like :



enter image description here

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I haven't worked with UITookit but in general you do this in Unity by connecting the Transform components:

b2.transform.parent = duplicate_toolkit.transform;
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hi kay!thanks for the reply, it gave me this error Error CS0200: Property or indexer `UnityEngine.GameObject.transform' cannot be assigned to (it is read-only) –  jovs Oct 18 '12 at 8:16
Seems like UIToolkit is doing all its stuff in a different way aside from standard. I just saw that even b2 is not showing up in hierarchy view. –  Kay Oct 18 '12 at 8:23
yes Kay, everything is set up on a runtime script. everything works fine, i mean the component, the only problem is the UIButton which is the bs that does not appear below the duplicate_toolkit runtime game object. –  jovs Oct 18 '12 at 8:28

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