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In Node.js unit tests, what is the way to create data driven unit tests?

For Example, I've a common function / method, which I want to re-use in multiple unit tests with different sets of data. I tried looking into nodeunit, vows, whiskey, qunit, expresso; But I wasn't able to figure out a way to achieve this functionality.

I was not looking at calling the function literally in multiple tests, but rather use the common method in a loop to pick up the data in each iteration and execute it, as a unittest

The reason for this is, I've atleast 1000 rows of parameterized data, for which I want to write unittest. Obviously I cannot go on writing 1000 unittests physically.

Anyone could you please point me a way to achieve the above.

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Please define "rows of parameterized data"? Are you referring to an array of objects literals or a JSON string? – therealklanni Nov 1 '12 at 21:44

There is qunit addon which allows to run parameterized quint tests

So you can separate test data and test method and run the same test method against different data sets.

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