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I have a Properties file (myfile.prop) with properties like:


I need to resolve these properties so that every time i get the resolved value.

Code for it is:

static String resolve(String str, Properties props, boolean isResolved)
      if (props == null || str == null)
         return str;

      String expandedString = str;
      String macroPattern   = "(\\$\\{)([a-z.\\-A-Z0-9_]*)(\\})";   
      Pattern pattern       = Pattern.compile(macroPattern);
      Matcher m             = null;
      boolean pendingItems  = true;

         m = pattern.matcher(expandedString);
         pendingItems = false;
         String formerStr = expandedString;

         while (m.find())
            pendingItems   = true;
            String propVal = (String)props.get(m.group(2));
            if (propVal == null)
               propVal = m.group(0);
            expandedString = expandedString.replace(m.group(0), propVal);

            if (!fullyResolve)
               return expandedString;

         /* if the string did not change at all, it is a sign that this
          * string cannot be resolved, just return */
         if (expandedString.equals(formerStr))
            return expandedString;
      while (pendingItems);

      return expandedString.trim();

but all it is doing is returning the value.... can some one tell me whats wrong with it?

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By "resolve properties using regex" DYM "resolve property values as regex"? – Andrew Thompson Oct 18 '12 at 6:56
Better on codereview.stackexchange.com I think. – David Wallace Oct 18 '12 at 7:01

Take a look at StrSubstitutor from Apache Commons Lang.

BTW, using regexps is not the most efficient for this purpose, I guess.

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