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Whenever I am doing a deployment using tooltwist, I find that the header does not contain the jquery-ui library that I needed for my application. How will I be able to insert it to the part to make it work?

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One way and easiest way of doing this is to customize the page template for your tooltwist extension project, thus you will be deploying it inside your tooltwist project.

To customize:

  1. Copy page/ and page_template/ folder under ttWbd/widgets/toolbox into your project's widget directory. (e.g. {projectName}_t/widgets/{projectName}_widgets/)
  2. Open conf.xml of page_template and change the configuration appropriately for linkedWidget, label and description nodes. linkedWidget will have value like project {projectName}
  3. If you already created pages on your project, you need to replace linkedWidget nodes of the configuration file (conf.xml) of all your pages from to {projectName} including all version folders.
  4. Under folder page/ you can customize template header depend on the page mode you selected in your designer. For mode = page update new_jquery_header.jsp.

Page Template:

enter image description here

A new page template option will appear on your assets list when creating new assets.

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