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I need to write a regular expression which should not allow any digits. it should allow any other characters except digits. I tried expression like :- ~[0-9]+

but it restricts everything. could you pls help me?

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Could you add a tag for the language you need this regex for? – Tim Pietzcker Oct 18 '12 at 7:50

It is not clear what flavor of regex you need, but in the general, one of the following should work:


The last two forms will work with Unicode digits.

The atom [^0-9] matches anything but a digit; to make sure that in the whole string there are no digits, I added the markers of string start (^) and end ($).

If you want to match any part of a string that contains at least one character that is not a digit, replace the ^...*$ part of the regex by ...+:



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Try [^0-9]+. Note that this will only prevent ASCII digits from appearing, not unicode ones.

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