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I am working on a code in which hidden menu will show when user mouse over on title (Menu) and after a certain time title (Menu) will hide if user is not visiting on Hidden- menu(Which is now showing) means not working with Hidden- menu (Which is now showing)..



            jQuery.fn.delay = function(millis,callBack){
                var object = $(this);
                return window.setTimeout(function() {
                    return object;
                }, millis);

        var navFadeOutDelay = 500; // Set delay for drop down to slide down (in ms)

        // Navigation:
        var nav = {count:0};

            $("#navigtion_wrap #navigation_top").hide(); //hide navigation on page load. 

                // On mouseenter, hide title and show navigation
 $("#navigtion_wrap #nav_menu_text").hide();
 $("#navigtion_wrap #navigation_top").fadeIn();

              nav.count += 1;
            }).bind('hoverend',function(){ // On mouseleave, fade out navigation and show title
                var tmp = nav.count;
                $("#navigtion_wrap #navigation_top").delay(navFadeOutDelay, function(){ 
                    // Delay: wait X ms before navigation FadeOut                

                    if (tmp == nav.count) { 
                        // prevent delay from firing if user hovers navigation before the end of delay
                        $(this).fadeOut('slow', function(){ //Callback                  
                            $("#navigtion_wrap #nav_menu_text").show(); 
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post your code please –  Alessandro Minoccheri Oct 18 '12 at 7:42
since element ids should be unique, your selectors are redundant and you can shorten $('#navigtion_wrap #nav_menu_text') to $('#nav_menu_text') –  Michal Klouda Oct 18 '12 at 7:52

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 $('#navigtion_wrap #nav_menu_text').mouseover(function(){
    // on mouse over
    $("#navigtion_wrap #navigation_top").fadeIn();

$('#navigtion_wrap #navigation_top').mouseleave(function(){
    // on mouse leave
    $("#navigtion_wrap #nav_menu_text").show();
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@ D.clixer : hi, i also tried with your but result i is this jsbin.com/icobin/8 –  Naresh Kumar Oct 18 '12 at 8:48

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