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We are trying to search the Reviews using Filter and Filter_[Type] option but unsuccessful and there is lack of examples in tutorial for this.

Please guide us. We had tried following things


Using above URL we are filtering only the reviews given with rating

We are trying to filter ReviewText,Title Tags. we tried following url listed below

http://reviews.apitestcustomer.bazaarvoice.com/bvstaging/data/reviews.json?callback=?&apiversion=4.9&include=products,authors&filter=ReviewText:this is a test&filter=DisplayLocale:en_US&passkey=kuy3zj9pr3n7i0wxajrzj04xo&limit=5 

http://reviews.apitestcustomer.bazaarvoice.com/bvstaging/data/reviews.json?callback=?&apiversion=4.9&include=products,authors&filter_[Reviews]=ReviewText:this is a test&filter=DisplayLocale:en_US&passkey=kuy3zj9pr3n7i0wxajrzj04xo&limit=5 

http://reviews.apitestcustomer.bazaarvoice.com/bvstaging/data/reviews.json?callback=?&apiversion=4.9&include=products,authors&filter=tag_ReviewText:Morbi bibendum&passkey=kuy3zj9pr3n7i0wxajrzj04xo&limit=5

We are unsuccessful on trying above URL.

Please guide us.

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Use search="search_text" attribute while passing data to json to search all the reviews.

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Please refer below tutorial in order to understand search feature better


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