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Normally for a layer we can generate InfoWindow when onclick event raises. But here i have a number of polygons in a single layer. So, as by where condition in the query we can get each one and make styles diff for them. But here what i need is, for each polygon of a layer a InfoWndow has to be generate for onclick event.

Here my code for styling each polygon in a layer.

    var layer =  new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer(
                                         query: {
                                                    select: 'geometry',
                                                    from: 'myTableId'
                                         styles: [  
                                                        where: "Dist_id in ('0101001') and Insert_date='25/08/2012'",
                                                        polygonOptions: {   strokeColor:"#0071bc",fillColor:"#0000FF",fillOpacity:0.2,strokeWeight:2,clickable:false }
                                                        where: "Dist_id in ('0101002') and Insert_date='25/08/2012'",
                                                        polygonOptions: {   strokeColor:"#0071bc",fillColor:"#FF0000",fillOpacity:0.2,strokeWeight:2,clickable:false }
                                                        where: "Dist_id in ('0101003') and Insert_date='25/08/2012'",
                                                        polygonOptions: {   strokeColor:"#0071bc",fillColor:"#00FF00",fillOpacity:0.2,strokeWeight:2,clickable:false }
                                                        where: "Dist_id in ('0101004') and Insert_date='25/08/2012'",
                                                        polygonOptions: {   strokeColor:"#0071bc",fillColor:"#FF00FF",fillOpacity:0.2,strokeWeight:2,clickable:false }
                                                        where: "Dist_id in ('0101005') and Insert_date='25/08/2012'",
                                                        polygonOptions: {   strokeColor:"#0071bc",fillColor:"#00FFFF",fillOpacity:0.2,strokeWeight:2,clickable:false }

Now how can i generate InfoWindow for each polygon of a layer.

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If you want your polygons to be clickable, remove the "clickable: false" from the options.

Another option (which loses the benefit of FusionTablesLayer tile based rendering) is something like this example which uses the Fusion Tables API v1.0 to query the table and renders the polygons as native Google Maps API v3 polygons.

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Dude here i need to generate infowindow by adding 'click' event listener for each polygon in the layer. –  SuryaWithStack Oct 22 '12 at 10:03
The only way to do that is to make them clickable. You also can't do it with FusionTables (add click listeners to individual polygons), you need to add a click listener to the layer and use the information in the click event to detect the polygon. –  geocodezip Oct 22 '12 at 12:47

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