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Using VB.Net

I want to check whether the table row is null or 0


 sCmd = New SqlCommand("SELECT * from table1)", conObjects.myConnection)
        dReader = sCmd.ExecuteReader
        While dReader.Read()
 If dReader.Item(11) <> "0" And dReader.Item(11) IsNot Nothing Then
msgbox ("Not NUll or 0")
End if
End while

Showing Error as "Operator '<>' is not defined for type 'DBNull' and string "0""

Why i am getting this error, How to solve this problem.

Need VB.Net Code Help

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You should always use AndAlso and OrElse instead of And and Or. With AndAlso the latter expression is only evaluted if the former returned true. On this way you can avoid exceptions and make your code more efficient.

But apart from that, you should use reader.IsDBNull(index):

If Not dReader.IsDBNull(11) AndAlso dReader.GetString(11) <> "0" Then

End If
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There are two problems here: one is that you use And instead of AndAlso: the former will cause your whole line to be evaluated, where the latter will only evaluate the second argument if its first argument is already True.

Your second problem is that you check for "not zero" before you check for "Nothing", and so your first part can fail before the second part is evaluated.

Try this instead:

If dReader.Item(11) IsNot Nothing AndAlso dReader.Item(11) <> "0" Then

Also, it's been a while since I did ADO, but shouldn't you be checking IsDbNull instead of comparing to Nothing? Perhaps VB takes care of that for you, I'm not sure.

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Try using AndAlso

If (dReader.Item(11) IsNot Nothing) AndAlso (cint(dReader.Item(11)) <> 0) Then
    msgbox ("Not NUll or 0")
End if

basically what it does is, when the first expression is already true, the second expression is not evaluated.

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Why OrElse instead of AndAlso? –  Dan Puzey Oct 18 '12 at 8:21
If Convert.ToString(dReader.Item(11)) <> "0" AndAlso dReader.IsDBNull(11)=False
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