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My Oracle Database (10.2) contains tables in Form "BIN$". They are listed by

select * from user_recyclebin
but not by
show recycle_bin

The command "show parameters" indicate "recyclebin=on" (it is also the defaut value in Oracle).

More over: Oracle put a table in the recycle bin only if it is member of a cluster, isn't it? (I understand the Oracle Administator Guide so...). I indeed have dropped the corresponding tables, but I never have used any cluster in this database...

A call to PURGE TABLE has worked: the entry disappeared of user_recyclebin. But why did I have it?

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Ok, I didn't understand the SQL statement reference first:

If you drop a table that is part of a cluster, the table is moved to the recycle bin. However, if you subsequently drop the cluster, then the table is purged from the recycle bin and can no longer be recovered with a FLASHBACK TABLE operation.

All tables are put in the bin, the normal ones as well as the cluster ones. The difference is, that the recycle tables of a cluster disapper if the cluster is dropped.

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Dropped tables go to the recyclebin except for members of a cluster!

See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14231/tables.htm#ADMIN01511

How did you drop your tables?

The command

drop table x;

will cause the table to be moved to the recyclebin, while

drop table x purge;

will cause the table to be dropped immediately.

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drop table x, without purge. But it wasn't member of a cluster... and <pre> SQL> drop table x, without purge. But it wasn't member of a cluster... and <pre>SQL>create table test (id number); SQL> insert into test values (1); SQL> commit; SQL> drop table test; </pre> didn't add (this time) the table im recycle bin... –  Olivier Faucheux Oct 18 '12 at 8:39
Updated answer: all dropped tables except members of a cluster go to the recyclebin. –  Colin 't Hart Oct 18 '12 at 8:46

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