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I want to display record(title) from one index page to another, for this I do

In index.haml:-

-if @individual.important_event.present?
  -@individual.important_event.each do |event|
     = link_to event.title, important_events_path

In individual.rb:-

has_many :important_event

In important_event.rb:-

belongs_to :individual

But it do not work. It gives error "undefined method `each' for #< ImportantEvent:0xbb729c8>"

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In your individual.rb model, you need to use the plural in your has_many statement, like this:

has_many :important_events

Then you can use: -@individual.important_events.each in your view.

Figuring out when you should or shouldn't use plurals in Rails is a pain even if English is your first language.

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+1 although I don't agree that it's a pain to know when to use the plural or the singular. – Mischa Oct 18 '12 at 8:36
Thank you dpassage for your's kind help – Rajeev Thakur Oct 18 '12 at 8:54

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