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Does JodaTime provide this functionality? Am unable to find in the docs, perhaps I missed something? Formatting API doc does not show such a feature.

If not, what, parse the resultant string and match against day, appending st,nd,th accordingly?

Seems hackish, thought a library as comprehensive and wonderful as JodaTime (it does rock ;-)) would provide this seemingly simple feature.

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As I've been downvoted I should clarify the response.

While Joda does not implement this directly you don't need an external library, just resort to a simple implementation like this.

 * Returns the correct suffix for the last digit (1st, 2nd, .. , 13th, .. , 23rd)
public static String getLastDigitSufix(int number) {
    switch( (number<20) ? number : number%10 ) {
        case 1 : return "st";
        case 2 : return "nd";
        case 3 : return "rd";
        default : return "th";
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Take a look at PrettyTime, which is built on top of JodaTime.

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+1 but, man, just trying to get this project out the door, don't throw more deps at me ;-) –  virtualeyes Oct 18 '12 at 13:05

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