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I want to kill some of Apache server process in Linux.

Please help me in this.

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if you have pid of the processes that want to kill then use kill command.

kill pid1 [pid2 pid3 ...]

And if this doesn't kill the processes you can add -9 flag to kill command to forcefully kill the processes like

kill -9 pid1 [pid2 pid3 ...]

To get the pid of the process you can use ps command as

ps ax | grep apache

first column of output is the pid of the process.

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I would recommend that you don't use -9 as a default. You should kill the process 'normally' and let it shut down in an organised fashion. Only if it doesn't respond should you use -9 –  Brian Agnew Oct 18 '12 at 11:04

Try the following:

killall apache2

if you want to kill all apache processes.

ps aux | grep apache2

will show the apache servers with their PID. Then you can kill selectively:

kill -9 pid1 pid5
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Note the Linux command killall. You can kill processes by name and thus do something a little more coarse-grained than using the pid. You can use names or regular expressions (with the -r option) to specifiy your victims.

Use a normal SIGTERM (default) to begin with. This will let the processes catch the signal, and if they're well-behaved they'll clear up/close resources properly and then exit. Only if the processes don't respond should you use the SIGKILL (-9) signal.

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