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I have 3 UI components on a screen:

  1. Top menu: Option (true or false)
  2. Left menu: list of items such as A, B, C, D
  3. Form content: a form. It's visible or hidden depending on value of Top menu's Option. Its inner content varies depending on which Left menu's item being selected. For example, A selected will show 2 input boxes while B would show 3 input boxes, etc...

The way it works is that user will select left menu item, then they click Top menu's Option and the Form content will show up.

Top menu has TopMenu model

isSelected: false

Left menu has LeftMenuCollection which contains such model

id: 0
label: "No label yet"

Form content has FormContentModel which is too long to put in here.

I have the 2 views: TopMenuView and LeftMenuView for TopMenu and LeftMenuCollection. But the view for Form content view (let call FormContentView) has to get values from both TopMenu and LeftMenuCollection in order to know when to be visible and what to show after being visible.

Current Idea:

  1. User's action on LeftMenuView will trigger event and FormContentView will populate HTML in the hidden DOM according to what being selected.

  2. TopMenuView will trigger FormContentView to be visible.

  3. Then FormContentView will be save into its own FormContentCollection.

For #1 and #2, I just has use the PubSub model like here: fire an event from one view to another in backbone

But since I use Backbone Boilerplate https://github.com/tbranyen/backbone-boilerplate. I am planning to do this because the app object is already created in app.js:

app.PubSub = _.extend({}, Backbone.Events)


How and where do I create that PubSub object? Is it in the router.js?

Is PubSub the right way to do this? I was thinking about of "composite model" too by combining TopMenu and LeftMenuCollection under another FormContentCollection but most people on internet said using PubSub.

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Another idea of adding a 3rd Collection object and use that to keep the "state" of "what is selected": hastebin.com/ginesusoce.coffee –  HP. Oct 19 '12 at 4:15

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Create the pubsub as soon as you define your "app" variable.

I prefer to attach the PubSub directly to the Backbone object and I do it right after backbone loads. (I written about it before: Backbone.js global notifications)

Here's another idea that might be simpler:

Create a new model and share it between all views.

(Note that you can add a second model to views, they don't have to be set to view.model)

The Left and Top views can .set() its attributes and the Form view can bind to changes using .on('change', function...) and respond by showing/hiding the view.

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Your link is great. I added app.notif = _.extend({}, Backbone.Events); in app.js and pass this to Views var myView = new MyView({notif: app.notif}). So within the View object, I just do this this.options.notif.trigger. Very useful! Thanks. –  HP. Oct 19 '12 at 3:41

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