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Hi I recently installed wp-ecommerce on a site i am working on. I had previously tried to change the page that the shop appears on by creating a new page and copying the shortcode from the original 'products-page' to my new page 'our-products'. Pretty pointless i realise now. I decided against this and just used the original page - but now when i go to 'products page' everything including the checkout etc works perfectly except when you click on a product to view it on its own page. it jumps to domain/our-products/... and the page is broken.

I tried to change all the settings in wp-options to the original page but it makes no difference. I went into phpmyadmin and found references to the 'our-products' eg the wrong page in the wp-options table. If i change these to the correct page should it work?

What is also weird though is when I delete the 'our-products' page the entire store stops working.

Here is the site product page:

Here is what happens when you click on a product:

Cheers Paul

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I have been experiencing a similar thing. I ended up removing the category it was associated with, and got left with uncategorized – topherg Oct 26 '12 at 11:38

Take a backup(!) and then install the Store Toolkit from Visser Labs, and relink broken pages from that.

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