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I have an image-gallery using prettyPhoto. I use the api for loading the photos in it. The first photo is available in a data-attribute on the thumbnail. The rest of the images are being fetched with an AJAX-call.

The first photo of the album (the one that is already in the DOM) is being shown perfectly. But in the success-function of the AJAX call I'm reloading the gallery with the new images. That part isn't working.

What am I doing wrong?

HTML: (I removed unnecassary elements)

<a href="/images/test.jpg" class="albumTrigger" rel="129">
  <img src="/images/test.jpg?rwidth=100&quality=100" id="thumbImage5418" class="thumbImage" data-album='[{"description":"","name":"test.jpg","id":5418,"url":"\/images\/test.jpg"}]'>


$('#gallery').on('click','.albumTrigger',function(e) {
  // initialize gallery
    slideShow: 3000, 
    theme: 'dark_rounded',
    social_tools: ''

  var api_images = [];
  var api_titles = [];
  var api_descriptions = [];
  var albumData = $(this).find('.thumbImage').data('album');
  $.each(albumData,function(index,item) {

  // Get rest of images via ajax
    'id': $(this).attr('rel'),
    'method': 'getAlbumImages'
  },function(albumData) {
    // I did console.log(albumData); here, and there was data
    // add images to gallery
    $.each(albumData,function(index,item) {





If I remove the first block of code what opens prettyPhoto it works perfect. But now the gallery opens after the ajax-call has run. The idea kinda is that while the ajax-call is running, the user already sees the album-photo.

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Try changing your second .open call to first close the gallery then open it again:

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That does'nt change anything – Willem de Wit Oct 18 '12 at 10:18

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