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I want to list all the collection, created under my database. I know the query


But it listing only - [ "system.indexes", "system.users" ]

I tried

show collections

it listed following - system.indexes, system.users

It is not showing me my collections. How can i see all my collections ?

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You're probably in the wrong database. Run use dbname in the shell to switch to the database named 'dbname'. – JohnnyHK Oct 18 '12 at 12:32
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To see all the collections in the current database using the mongo shell:

  • db.getCollectionNames() returns the collections in the current database as a JavaScript array
  • show collections prints the collections in the current database as a list

If you aren't seeing the expected collections, you can check the current database with:


If you want to see all collections in all databases, here's some JavaScript that should do the trick:

db.adminCommand("listDatabases").databases.forEach(function (d) {
    sdb = db.getSiblingDB(d.name);
    print("Collections in database: "+d.name);
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Thanks for your reply Stennie – Amit baderia Oct 18 '12 at 13:03

I think there must be more than one driver out there. I did

npm install mongodb

to install the driver and I think the driver I get is the one documented here


It does not have getCollectionNames() or collectionNames() but it does have collections()

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