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In my node.js app, I have a code snipplet to compose a csv array:

function process(alerts, callback) {
    var csvList = [];
    var alertsLength = alerts.length;

    alerts.forEach(function(alert) {
        var name = alert.name;
        var msg = alert.msg;

        // retrieve from database
        // NOTE: the asynchronous part!
        PersonDao.getContact(name, function(error, contact) {
            var csv = "csv:" + contact + "|" + msg;

            if (csvList.length == alertsLength) {
                // execute callback with the csvList

    }); // end of alerts loop


Is there any more elegant (or correct) way to do this?

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i would use async.parallel –  Jonathan Ong Oct 18 '12 at 10:31
No, that's how it's done (apart from that you maybe forgot to pass on the error). Yet there are some libraries that add syntactic sugar by implementing helper functions for using this standard pattern, especially using Deferred objects. –  Bergi Oct 18 '12 at 10:31
If you're going to use async, async.forEachSeries would be a better fit here as you'd lose order with async.parallel (if order's important). –  JohnnyHK Oct 18 '12 at 13:05

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Just use 3rd party libraries for that.

var async = require('async');

function process(alerts, callback) {
    //       v--- or async.map(...) to do it in parallel
    async.mapSeries(alerts, function(alert, cb) {
        PersonDao.getContact(alert.name, function(error, contact) {
            cb(error, "csv:" + contact + "|" + alert.msg);
    }, callback);
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