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Given the JIRA default workflow (for example), I would like to be able to extract the following metrics on a regular, or continuous basis;

  • Identify the time logged broken down into the different workflow stages of a ticket,
    • For example out of 10 hours total; 1 hour in "Open", 7 hours in "In-Progress", 2 hours in "Resolved"
  • Sum of logged time of issues that are LINKED in a certain way (eg JIRA-1 is blocked by JIRA-123)


The objective is to provide information to the issue reporters, and the business teams that prioritise issues in our Kanban views such that they can more readily identify where time is being consumed. The workflow we are using is not the default workflow, but is more complex and has multiple phases to support initial Diagnosis and subsequent Resolution by teams.

We'd like to avoid having to create sub-tasks, although this is an obvious solution, as it produces too much overhead.


  • JIRA 5.1.x
  • Greenhopper 6.x
  • Full access to MySQL based Database
  • Plugins can be installed
  • Plugins could be developed with clear direction

Workflow diagram for reference

JIRA default workflow

Many thanks,

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How about the Minyaa plugin? We played around with this on our test server at one point -- seemed to work just fine. In our case, we decided not to enable that level of time analysis, but it might work for you:

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That looks like a pretty interesting plugin, I might give it a go and see what useful metrics we can track. – Toby Jackson Nov 3 '12 at 16:45
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After some exploration, I have found a good solution to my problem;

The JIRA Timesheet Plugin lets me generate a logged time report that is grouped by issue Status for any given search filter, and shows that information grouped by project, and individual.

Heres a screenshot that shows an example of the information it can give;


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