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i want to iterate folders from google-drive after authentication folder-query line is sending error.the below code is showing the authentication process and then itretating the folder but getting error , please help me , waiting for the reply. I don't want to use the user-credential in coding ,i want to use the client id and client secret so that any one can login to Google drive and iterate folder.

"Execution of request failed: https://docs.google.com/feeds/default/private/full/-/folder"

static void Main(string[] args)
            String CLIENT_ID = "74138000159.com";
            String CLIENT_SECRET = "8AE3oJuZomO";
            var provider = new NativeApplicationClient(GoogleAuthenticationServer.Description, CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET);
            var auth = new OAuth2Authenticator<NativeApplicationClient>(provider, GetAuthorization);

            var service = new DriveService(auth);

            DocumentsService service1 = new DocumentsService("MyDocumentsListIntegration-v1");

            // Instantiate a FolderQuery object to retrieve folders.
            FolderQuery query = new FolderQuery();

            // Make a request to the API and get all documents.
           DocumentsFeed feed = service1.Query(query);

            // Iterate through all of the documents returned
            foreach (DocumentEntry entry in feed.Entries)
                // Print the title of this document to the screen

          private static IAuthorizationState GetAuthorization(NativeApplicationClient arg)

            // Get the auth URL:
            IAuthorizationState state = new AuthorizationState(new[] { DriveService.Scopes.Drive.GetStringValue() });
            state.Callback = new Uri(NativeApplicationClient.OutOfBandCallbackUrl);
            Uri authUri = arg.RequestUserAuthorization(state);

            // Request authorization from the user (by opening a browser window):
            Console.Write("  Authorization Code: ");
            string authCode = Console.ReadLine();

            // Retrieve the access token by using the authorization code:
            return arg.ProcessUserAuthorization(authCode, state);

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You are doing it totally wrong. You must add more code to it as found in https://developers.google.com/google-apps/documents-list/#authorizing_requests_with_oauth_20 What you are missing is adding service1.RequestFactory setting. Also you don't need to create the service object.

Please also note that you are using Google Documents List API version 3.0, which is officially deprecated as of September 14, 2012.

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can you please provide me the code –  user1740827 Oct 23 '12 at 14:31
The entire code is provided in the link specified earlier: link. After this line: service.RequestFactory = requestFactory; add the following code too to iterate the folders DocumentsListQuery query = new DocumentsListQuery(); // Set the showfolders parameter query.ShowFolders = true; DocumentsFeed feed = service.Query(query); // Iterate through all of the documents returned foreach (DocumentEntry entry in feed.Entries) { Console.WriteLine(entry.Title.Text); } –  cj0809 Oct 24 '12 at 13:05
Thanks for reply –  user1740827 Oct 25 '12 at 5:36

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