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I thought the helper:all in the following application.rb would make current_user available to every controller and view?

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  helper :all
  before_filter { |c| Authorization.current_user = c.current_user }

  def current_user_session
    return @current_user_session if defined?(@current_user_session)
    @current_user_session = UserSession.find

  def current_user
    return @current_user if defined?(@current_user)
    @current_user = current_user_session && current_user_session.record







My views call the current_user method like this:

- if current_user
  = link_to "Logout", logout_path

For which I get this response:

undefined local variable or method `current_user' for #<#<Class:0x007f971d812a48>:0x007f972050c378>

What am I missing?

Many thanks,


PS I have experimented with this in the controller tied to the view that is failing:

before_filter :current_user
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From the doc:

When the argument is the symbol :all, the controller will include all helpers beneath ActionController::Base.helpers_dir (defaults to app/helpers/*/.rb under RAILS_ROOT).

You're looking for:

helper_method :current_user, :current_user_session
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