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Does anyone know how to disable drag and drop functionality for ElFinder 2.x? As far as I know this is not controllable through initialization parameters (feel free to double check this), but we've removed some code in tree.js that took care of drag and drop for files:

From tree.js:

         * Navigation tree
         * @type JQuery
        tree = $(this).addClass(treeclass)
            // make dirs draggable and toggle hover class

            /* DISABLE DRAGGABLE
            .delegate('.'+navdir, 'hover', function(e) {
                var link  = $(this), 
                    enter = e.type == 'mouseenter';

                if (!link.is('.'+dropover+' ,.'+disabled)) {
                    enter && !link.is('.'+root+',.'+draggable+',.elfinder-na,.elfinder-wo') && link.draggable(fm.draggable);
                    link.toggleClass(hover, enter);

            // add/remove dropover css class
            .delegate('.'+navdir, 'dropover dropout drop', function(e) {
                $(this)[e.type == 'dropover' ? 'addClass' : 'removeClass'](dropover+' '+hover);
            // open dir or open subfolders in tree
            .delegate('.'+navdir, 'click', function(e) {
                var link = $(

 ...... // rest of code ommitted

This disabled file drag and drop, but not folders. To do that I commented out another delegate in cwd.js, but that ruined the double click event to open a folder - so I am now working on that problem. If anyone has a better solution, feel free to share.

Comment out the following around line 670 in cwd.js:

.delegate(fileSelector, 'mouseenter.'+fm.namespace, function(e) {
            var $this = $(this),
            target = list ? $this : $this.children();

            if (!$this.is('.'+clTmp) && !target.is('.'+clDraggable+',.'+clDisabled)) {
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Finally found the answer, and it was so easy that I am embarrassed when I think about how long it took me to solve it.

Just locate the Draggable options in elFinder.js (around line 465). Remove the appendTo parameter from "body" to "" (empty) and you're done.

Check out this blog post for more details and also how to leave the draggable functionality but stop the actual droppable event: http://blog.degree.no/2012/10/disable-drag-and-drop-in-elfinder-2-x/

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