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Code Which I have written for this :

   sumBST(BST *root)
         static sum =0;
         if (root!= null)
              if (root->left != null || root->right != null)
                  sum = sum + sumBST(root->left) + sumBST(root->right);
                  return sum;
               return 0;
        return sum;

I have checked it by drawing recursion tree seems well but Still i am confused at some point I am doing some mistake. Please correct me i am doing something wrong here.

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Well, it doesn't seem like you are actually adding the sum of the leaf nodes.
In parcticular - the line:


Does not actually return the data, just reads it. Should be something like that in pseudo code:

    if (root == null):
       return 0
    else if (root->left == null && root->right == null)  
       //add the value of the node if it is a leaf, this step is missing
      return root->data;
      return sumBST(root->left) + sumBST(root->right)

The problem in the code are as follows (clarifying and explaining further that point in the answer):

You should return the data of the leaves somewhere - this is not happening anywhere in the code - I suspect you wanted to return it in root->data.

However note that the recursion will go to each and every leaf - it is just missing returning the value from each of them.

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But while I drawing recursion tree for my code seems OK can you plz check that just I want to know approach which i followed for my code is working or not... –  Nishant Oct 18 '12 at 12:00
@Nishant See edit, I tried to clarify it, it is all connected to not returning root->data. Note that the recursion tree is fine - it will visit each node, but it is just missing returning the value of each node. –  amit Oct 18 '12 at 12:10

The purpose of such question is mainly focused on assessing the candidate thinking process.

All I see here is a typo error

root->data => return root->data

and an instruction that is never reached

return sum;

and one excessively long instruction

 sum = sum + sumBST(root->left) + sumBST(root->right); => return sumBST(root->left) + sumBST(root->right);

Interviewers always like to get questioned about the problems they give. A question like "Is the BST given or can I design a structure that is optimized toward given the sum of leaf?", "How big is the BST?"... Can add a plus and most likely change completely your answer.

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