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My app fetches the covers to each of their Facebook photo albums (I do this with Koala), and I'm trying to paginate the results with will_paginate. I have pagination working on other elements, but it doesn't seem to like working with arrays.

I've gone through the documentation, I've used require 'will_paginate/array', and I can get it to limit the amount of entries per page - I have seven albums, and will_paginate will display the first four with the below code:

albums = graph.get_connections("me", "albums")

@albums = albums.paginate(:page => params[:page], :per_page => 4)

But dropping <% will_paginate @albums %> anywhere into the view doesn't seem to affect anything, and certainly doesn't generate the pagination links. Is there something I'm missing/doing wrong?

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Use <%= %> Instead of <% %>



<% will_paginate @albums %>


<%= will_paginate @albums %>
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Yes! Thank you, I knew it would turn out to be something silly - I'm still getting to grips with Rails :) –  sowasred2012 Oct 18 '12 at 12:40

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