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I am trying to replace all the numbers of list with a word and keep the words as originaly: for example: (spam '(i ate 1 and he ate 1 too)) output: i ate food and he ate food too. in my function i first check the base case if the list is empty. Then I check the characters in the list recursively and if they are numbers convert them to some word food for example. and finally i check if the characters are chars keep it. The code is not working and giving errors even though I think the logic is correct. So here is my code

(defun spam(list)
    (if (null list) nil
        (if (first numberp list) 'food (spam(rest list))
            ((first list)(spam(rest list)))
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CL-USER > (subst-if 'food #'numberp '(i ate 1 and he ate 1 too))
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In the original function, the second conditional should read

(if (numberp (first list) ...


(if (first numberp list) ...
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Rather than 'food (spam (rest list)), you need (cons 'food (spam (rest list))). Likewise for the other branch of the if.

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(defun spam(list) (if (null list) nil (if (first numberp list) (cons'food (spam(rest list))) ((first list)(cons (spam(rest list)))) ) ) ) It is returning the same result as the initial one... –  Doesn't Matter Oct 18 '12 at 12:07
That should be (cons (first list) (spam (rest list))), not ((first list) (cons (spam (rest list)))). –  Alex D Oct 18 '12 at 12:32

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