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I'm trying to put in 5 between every 1value+px so 1px should become 15px and 100px should become 1005px.

I'm searching with 1(.*?)px and replacing with 1$15px but that's not working...

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It's been a while since this was asked, but for anyone else who encounters a similar problem, here's a simple answer that works.

In Sublime Text 2, the following replace string will give you the result you're asking for.


Example text:

100px 1px and 100px

1px 100px 1px and 100px 1px 
100px 1px and 100px1px 
100px 1px and 100px

Find What:


Replace With:



1005px 15px and 1005px

15px 1005px 15px and 1005px 15px 
1005px 15px and 1005px15px 
1005px 15px and 1005px

This uses the named group substitution ${ name } instead of the number group substitution $ number. In this case the number one stands for the name.

For some reason the Sublime Text 2 regex engine doesn't work well with substitution when numbers follow the numbered group.

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Your replacement probably looks like capture group $15 rather than $1. I'm not familiar with sublimetext2 but you probably need to escape your replacement like this:


That would certainly be the correct syntax in perl which appears to be very similar syntax to that which you're using.

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Sublime Text 2 uses the backslash to refer to capture groups so \1 instead of $1

Find What: (1\d*) ?px

Replace With: \15px

As there is no capture group 15 this will work fine.

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