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I have no experience with the Kindle KDK, so maybe this is a dull question. I'm wondering. Is it possible to create a simple app that loads a webview? So we could easily "wrap" an existing product.

If so, I'm interested in the possibilities:

  • what engine does it use currently (like WebKit)
  • does it have HTML5 capabilities like Web Storage and Application Cache
  • how good is JavaScript perfomance

I've found on Wikipedia that it uses "[…] an experimental WebKit based browser […]", but what is it capable of doing?

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Unfortunately the KDK doesn't give access to a Webview (like Android or iOS), so you can't load any web page content, or use any HTML 5 capabilities. The WebKit browser is just the built-in browser for surfing the Web.

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+1 Many thanks for clearing that up. – insertusernamehere Oct 20 '12 at 11:27

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